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Travel Nine-Seaters

Volkswagen Caravelle

Rental price (without a driver):
1-2 days, 58€ per day.
3-4 days, 53€ per day.
5-7 days, 47€ per day.
8-14 days, 39€ per day.
15-25 days, 32€ per day.
25-30 days, 27€ per day.
30+ days, 24€ per day.

Rental price (with a driver):
26€ per hour.
We meet you at the airport.
Navigation system is FOR FREE!!
All prices are inclusive of VAT, civil and Casco insurance, roadside assistance, free mileage, replacement car, car cleaning.
We offer a 10% discount for all car rentals made on January, February and March!